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6 Ways Fiber Can Help You Get Ripped

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6 Ways Fiber Can Help You Get Ripped

There are foods associated with muscle-building. Protein and amino acids come to mind. Minerals like zinc and copper. But fiber?

Fiber is usually left for discussions about digestion and health.

But here’s the thing: the better you digest, the less bloated you are. The more nutrients get to your body, the more energy and health. And, the more fat you lose, the more ripped you look. Yes, fiber can help you get ripped.

6 Ways Fiber Can Help You Get Ripped

1. Less Cravings and Better Appetite Control

High-fiber foods such as vegetables, berries, nuts, and more keep you full for longer. They are slowly digested and metabolized. This means better gut heath, steadier energy, and feeling fuller.

Oftentimes, people experience cravings simply because they are hungry. A diet high in refined sugars and starches leave you will faltering blood sugars and a lot of hunger.

Fiber is a nutrient that keeps it steady.

And, when you’re full and satisfied, with less cravings, you can better resist foods that pack on fat and stick to your muscle-building diet.

2. Less Bloating for a Flat Stomach

One of fibers primary functions in human health is keeping our digestive tracts functioning properly. Fiber does this is a couple ways:

  • It provides roughage that keeps our intestines strong
  • It provides a source of food for the healthy bacteria that live in our intestines

When our intestines are strong and healthy bacteria thrive, we experience less bloating, cramping, loose stools, constipation, and more (1). This means a flatter, less-bloated stomach for built abs.

3. Improved Insulin Sensitivity

A sure fire way to pack on fat is to have cells that are resistant to insulin. These cells cannot handle sugars in the blood well. In fact, they require more and more insulin to store fat, and store more and more fat in the process. 

Fiber can help. Fiber can help you get ripped by improving insulin sensitivity. It has been well-studied for this benefit. 

First, fiber slows digestion and carbohydrate absorption into the bloodstream. This reduces blood sugar peaks and valleys. Over time, it improves the health and insulin sensitivity of cells and improved blood sugars (2).

Next, fiber actually decreases fat accumulation in livers of those with pre-diabetes, reducing the risk of blood sugar disorders and full-blown diabetes (3, 4).

Better insulin sensitivity, less insulin resistance, and healthy blood sugars means our cells use less insulin and store less fat.

4. Better Heart Health

Of course, you need a healthy heart in order to work out and get ripped.  Fiber is one of the most heart-healthy foods around. Fiber:

  • Is a proven cholesterol reducer (5)
  • Reduces harmful triglycerides (6)
  • Lowers high blood pressure (7)
  • Promotes fat loss which improves heart health (see more below)

With a healthy heart, you can make steady gain and get ripped in the weight room.

5. Stronger Immune System

It’s tough to get ripped if you’re sick all the time. And, let’s face it, many surfaces at weight rooms and gyms are loaded with germs. 

Fiber is an immune-enhancer. 

As discussed, it feeds the good bacteria in the gut. These bacteria are a crucial part of the immune system, and strengthen natural defenses.

What’s more, a strong immune system helps you recover faster, build muscle, and do it again. Your immune T-cells are an integral part of tissue repair and muscle building. 

6. Less Body Fat

At the end of the day, you want better body composition. You need to be healthy to lift, exercise, and build muscle.

You need good digestion to have noteworthy abs.

And, last but not least, you need less fat.

Fiber is linked to lower body fat again and again in studies. In fact, multiple studies show it promotes weight loss (89) when tested head to head against similar diets with less fiber (4).

How to Add Fiber to Your Diet

For most people, getting the full 25+ grams of fiber needed on a daily basis is tough through foods. And, many fiber supplements are loaded with junk ingredients that negate their benefits. 

A great fiber supplement is Keto Zone Fiber Zone.

It only has 5 ingredients, is a proprietary blend of natural inulin and psyllium husk, includes prebiotics, promotes all of the muscle-building, low-body-fat benefits above, provides 6 grams of fiber per serving.

To take it, simply take ½ scoop fiber at a time during the first 4 weeks and allow your body to adjust to it. Then, increase to 1 scoop per serving. Be sure to mix  Fiber Zone with 6-8 oz. of water and drink immediately for best results.

Bottom Line

Yes, fiber can help you get ripped.

But not all fibers are equal. Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Fiber Zone is a potent fiber supplement made to improve digestion, promote fat loss, and help you achieve your body composition, health, and fitness goals.


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