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8 Gym Essentials You Need To Have

8 Gym Essentials You Need To Have

1. A Pair Of Headphones

Nothing can more quickly ruin a workout than than a low-quality pair of earbuds. Music gets you pumped for your workout and gives you the adrenaline pump you need to maximize your workout. It is essential to have a high quality pair of headphones that DO NOT get in the way of your workout. Don't you hate the feeling when you are doing a killer cardio workout and then your headphone wires gets in the way? We all do and the simple solution is to have Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones are being used more and more everyday because it is just simply easier and more convenient to listen to your hits without it getting in the way of your workouts. The great things about these headphones are that they are completely wireless and easily connect to your smartphone so you can just attach the pieces to your ears and enjoy your tunes hands free!


2. A Convenient Water Bottle

Nobody likes waiting in line for a water fountain — especially when they're parched after a long cardio workout. Save time and pick yourself up a reusable bottle. Having a bottle with you is extremely convenient to keep with you at all times and take quick drinks throughout your workout to quench your thirst. A great water bottle which also easily combines the beneficial nutrients of fruit is an Infuser Bottle. These Infuser Bottles are designed with a built-in. detachable bottom to grind the fruit and allow you to have a pure fruit drink to absorb the full, healthy nutrients of fruit and water. Plus, it tastes delicious!


3. A Handy Towel

Most gyms have complimentary hand towels, but for some people there's something unsettling about using the same towel that many others also used before them. This is definitely me as I much rather prefer using my own towel to clean my own sweat. You want to make sure you use a clean towel that is NOT right next to your dirty shoes in your gym bag. You want to keep your precious towel in a separate compartment away from all your other gym essentials so it does not get dirty and you won't be using a dirty towel to wipe your face. Always clean up the equipment after you use them PLEASE because nobody in their right mind would want to use a sweat filled bench press. Use your towel sporadically throughout your workout as you want to wipe your sweat off before it dries on your face and potentially clogs your pores which causes breakouts. A good towel should have soft, high quality fabric and should not feel rough on your skin. Oh that reminds me, please do not be vigorously rubbing your face with your towel. You want to lightly dab, dab, dab on your face all the sweat away to prevent skin irritation. A great towel that I use and a lot of my fitness trainers use is a Sinland Microfiber Quick-Drying Face Towel. The reason why this towel is so great because its materials are specifically designed to be gentle on the face while quickly drying your sweat so that you can continue to use it. The Microfiber material is extremely gentle and soft on your skin and I literally always bring it with me to the gym. I have pretty sensitive skin but this seriously does not cause me any redness or irritation at all.

4. A Stick Of Deodorant

Do you smell that? No, a rat did not die in the gym. From the smell of it, a rat must have died inside your shirt. You, YES YOU, just like everyone else becomes one stinky individual after a sweaty, moist workout without deodorant. I can not stress how essential it is to have deodorant always with you while you go to the gym. Sweat combined with bacteria is a bad combination and when we workout, that combination just so seems to happen. That is why we need to put on deodorant PRIOR to the gym as well as right after your workout. Heck, even in the middle of your workout, you could stop by the restroom and pop in a little deodorant. Wouldn't hurt. There are a lot of different deodorants out there and you could prefer one or the other but if you haven't noticed, some deodorants actually make you smell WORSE?!? Who would have thought? Well, I actually have tested a lot of different deodorants and surveyed men and women which deodorant each could UNIVERSALLY agree smelled nice and got the job done. The top two I found were Bali Secret's Natural Deodrant and Sam's Natural Deodorant Stick.

5. A Reliable Fitness Tracker 

Our Premium Fitness Tracker is a commendable fitness tracker for everyday use, and it's great for recording your progress at the gym. It has the basic step, sleep, and calorie tracking down; it can automatically recognize when you've started a workout; there's an altimeter onboard to track stairs climbed (though it's only just OK at doing so); and its silent alarm functionality is always useful. It syncs smoothly and, at least relatively speaking, is accurate at gathering the data it does.

The big plus is its continuous heart-rate monitoring. As with any wrist-worn tracker, it struggles to stay on point while you're working out, but it does well to measure resting heart rate.

6. An Extra Shirt

A Quick Dry T-shirt is perfect as an extra shirt to put on after a really sweaty workout. A Quick Dry Shirt uses the brand's moisture-wicking Dri-Fit fabric, which helps keep sweat stains at bay. It also looks good enough to wear if you want to catch up with some friends for a couple beers after your workout. You definitely want to have a backup shirt in your gym bag to change into after you sweat like never before during your workout. You just feel 100x cleaner and fresher and pair a clean shirt with deodorant and people will never know you just stepped out of the gym. Also, sweaty shirts remaining sweaty typically takes awhile to dry which means you will be wet and sweaty for awhile after your workout. I mean if you are going to go out afterwards... probably not the best idea. Sweaty shirts can also lead to clogged pores on your body which can actually lead to bacne or acne on your chest area. You can easily prevent that by putting on your handy dandy quick dry shirt so you feel clean, fresh, dry, and don't have to worry about body acne or irritation. Seriously, why wouldn't you bring an extra shirt?

7. Fitness Tape

Bet you didn't expect this on the list huh? Well, aches, pains, and bruises are all not uncommon in the gym. You always want to have some fitness tape for any sore or painful areas to protect them and prevent any injuries during your workout. Fitness tape is extremely beneficial in securing the desired area and allowing it to function while reducing pain AND preventing injury. It just simply is proven to help. That's why you see all those athletes wearing all that fitness tape on their bodies. They want to prevent any injuries as well as treat their sore areas. I would also recommend a solid pair of workout gloves, compression sleeves, wrist wraps, and even compression socks to really ensure protection and initiate fast healing.

8. A Great Gym Bag

Alright, you have everything you need. A great fitness tracker, handy towel, your deodorant. fitness tape, everything. Right? Wrong. To top the icing off the cake, this is where a suitable, large compartment gym bag comes in. You don't need a huge suitcase gym bag but it should be large enough to carry all your belongings while having it very easy to find and access all your essentials instead of just stuffing your items in there and then having to deal with looking for each one of you things when you are at the gym. That's why the Premium Waterproof Gym Bag is perfect for this. Not only is it waterproof, it has separate compartments specifically designed to place different items. For example, there is a convenient lower compartment where you can easily place your shoes and simply zip up the cover. You can then open it up anytime instead of having to dig through your bag to have your dirty shoes rubbing against your clean face towel. There are also convenient pockets to place your water bottle as well as other essentials which you can easily secure as well as access. If you are a smaller bag type of person, that is definitely no problem at all. Some convenient Drawstring Bags or Running Pocket Bags may better suit you.

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