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How To Have The Best Massage Of Your Life At Home

How To Have The Best Massage Of Your Life At Home

How To Have The Best Massage Of Your Life At Home

There is no doubt that receiving a massage is good for your mind and your soul. If it’s such an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, why don’t we all do it more often? Well, most of us think of massage as a treat, something that costs money and takes time. If you decide to go to a spa or visit a private massage therapist, this can be true. But the great thing is that massages can also be done at home, by friends and family, and it doesn’t have to take that too long. Just a 10 minute rub down on a specific area can help relieve stress, get blood flowing and leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

Next time you are feeling the need to relax and unwind, ask someone close to you to help you out. They will also get plenty of benefits from doing it, so don’t be afraid to ask! Make sure you are in a quiet setting, turn off all digital distractions, grab some soothing oil if necessary and tell the other person which area of your body is in need of some tender loving care. 


WHAT: This is perhaps the most classic area in the body where people feel tension and a massage here can lead to stress relief and is a great way to relax the muscles.
HOW: Start by placing your hands on the shoulders with the thumbs on the upper back and the four fingers just to the side of the collar bone. Make a circular motion with the entire hand and focus on making circles with the thumbs on either side of the backbone just below the collar line. For a deeper and more relaxing stroke, use both on hands on one shoulder at a time while maintaining the circular motion. A Shoulder Relaxing Massager or a Massage Foam Roller is great for targeting your shoulders and those sore areas!

Physical Therapist Massaging the Back and Shoulder of a Female Patient, Lying Prone on the Bed.




WHAT: A great way to relieve stress, the traditional head massage originates from India and is based on the ancient Ayurvedic form of healing.
HOW: Place hands, with fingers spread, to the sides of the head, and slowly move the hands up as if you are shampooing the hair. Once at the top of the head, let the fingers gently glide off and then lower your hands and move them around to a different area of the head. Repeat this over the entire scalp and then use a rubbing motion with just the fingertips. Relaxing your head can be done very well with a Face Slimming/Massaging Bar or even a Neck Tension Reliever to relieve your neck and head tension! A Relaxing Pillow Massager is also amazing for releasing all your stress and tension in your head area!

Massagist with woman patient in aroma spa wellness center. Professional face lifting massage to beautiful girl in cosmetology cabinet or beauty parlor.




WHAT: This pampering massage is great for those who find themselves on the their feet all day, and it can also help treat headaches, insomnia, and stress.
HOW: With a bit of soothing oil, use the flat of your palm to gently glide over the bottom of the foot, repeating about five times with each hand. Then hold the foot firmly with both hands and use the thumbs to apply pressure throughout the bottom of the foot, working your way from the heel to the toes. Removing all the nasty funk on your feet is also a great way to feel fresh and have clean feet! The Detox Pad is great for removing all your dirty funk to give your feet a clean and fresh feel! Some Adhesive Foot Pads or Comforting Compression Socks will also help with preventing any foot pain or soreness.

Massage of human foot in spa salon




WHAT: An often overlooked part of the body during traditional massages, receiving a hand massage can be a blessing for anyone who uses their hands all day. It can be extremely relaxing and is also a great way to show affection.
HOW: With the recipient's open palm facing you, hold the wrist and use your thumbs to gently but firmly apply pressure to the palm and work your way up each finger. Turn the hand over and starting with the little finger give it a good rub and then pull it a bit, repeating this for all the fingers including the thumb. To finish, place the person’s wrist in between your two wrists and shake from side to side. A Hand Gyro Ball Massager has been proven to be extremely helpful in relaxing your hand tendons and relieving all that stress in your hands! Your hands do a lot of work so it's only right to give them the relaxation they need to function!

Hand Massage




WHAT: Just like any other part of the body, muscles in the face also need to be treated with care and a face massage is a great way to get blood flowing to the area and can also leave the skin feeling young and fresh.
HOW: Start with hands on the forehead in a prayer formation and the glide them down a few times. Use the index fingers to work down the nose and then bring all the fingers to the jaw and rub in a circular motion. Place the thumbs just above the middle of the top lip and glide down either side a few times, then repeat on the bottom side of the lips. Bring middle and index fingers to temples and move in circular motion. Finish by placing both hands on the forehead and make a wish for the person receiving the massage. Massage Balls are great for gently rolling on your face to relieve all that tension as well as the Electronic Facial Slimming/Massaging Bar. A great tool to relax as well as slim down your chin as well is also the Chin Lifter!

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