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5 Ways MCTs Can Help You Shred

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5 Ways MCTs Can Help You Shred

If you’re not familiar with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), it’s time to learn how MCTs can help you shred. In structure, function, and metabolism, MCTs are different than other fats. In fact, they specifically energize cells and help you cut body fat. 

How are they different?

Medium-chain triglycerides have shorter carbon chains than other fats in the diet (1). This shorter chain allows them to be digested without bile. They are absorbed and metabolized quickly in the gut. Then, they are used for energy by the mitochondria of the cell, the energy powerhouses.

What’s more, while increasing energy they have actually been shown to reduce body fat.

In addition, there’s a new type of MCT you can take: MCT Oil Powder. This MCT form has many advantages over regular MCT Oil or Coconut Oil. It’s been formulated to give you the most potent form of MCTs for fat loss, and it’s tastier and easy-than-ever to consume.

Here are the 5 Ways MCT Oil Powder and MCTs can help you shred, and the best way to consume it each day. 

5 Ways MCTs Can Help You Shred

1. MCTs Promote Fat Loss

Medium-chain triglycerides are amazing fats. In studies, MCTs are linked to total weight loss and lower BMI. In fact, they promote fat loss around the abdomen, which is exactly what you need to shred and display solid abs.

Another benefit with fat loss? MCTs, like other fats, promote satiety. This means you will feel fuller eating them than foods like carbohydrates (23).

Less hunger and fat loss is a win-win.

2. Balanced Blood Sugars

We all know that blood sugar spikes and valleys wreak havoc on weight loss. When insulin is up and down, we tend to store more fat and feel worse throughout the day.

Luckily, MCT Oil Powder can improve blood sugars and decrease insulin output. This improves overall health and metabolism (4).

MCTs impact blood sugars as they:

  • Provide a fast, easy energy source
  • Decrease insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity
  • Improve beta-cell health (important to reduce risk of diabetes)
  • Promote fat loss which improves the health of cells and reduces the incidence of diabetes

In fact, study after study shows that MCTs improve blood sugars, beta-cell health, inflammation, and insulin levels (5, 6).

3. Flat Stomachs and Healthy Digestion

You’ve heard the saying: Abs are made in the kitchen. This means you have to lose belly fat through dieting to unveil the abs you’ve built up through exercise. If you have excess belly fat, your abs won’t show.

 MCTs can help you shred belly fat.

First, the metabolism of MCTs is linked to reduced belly fat.

Secondly, MCTs can improve digestion and reduce bloating. They fight unhealthy yeasts while supporting an increase in healthy bacteria and absorption in the digestive tract (7)

When unhealthy yeasts overgrow, you may experience poor absorption, constipation, bloating, cramping, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and more.

A 2018 study found that MCT supplementation decreased yeast overgrowth (intestinal candida overgrowth) in humans. The yeast actually grew back once supplementation was stopped (8).

Thankfully, MCT oil powder can improve digestion and help you unveil cut abs.

4. Energy and Athletic Performance

You need energy to build muscle.

Medium-chain triglycerides are especially energizing.

In fact, once the MCTs from MCT Oil Powder is delivered to the liver from the intestines, they increase energy output in the mitochondria. As you know, the mitochondria are the energy producers in cells (9).

In addition, MCTs promote decreased lactate levels in athletes. In studies, when recreational athletes consume MCTs, they experience lower lactate levels during moderate and intense workouts compared to other fats or carbohydrates. Lower lactate levels lead to improved endurance and performance (10).

With improved energy to work out and perform better, MCTs can help you shred faster.

5. MCTs Promote Ketosis

Want to really improve performance, focus, and fat loss?

If you cut carbs while consuming MCTs, you can produce ketones. You can even do this if you just cut carbs while using MCTs in the short term such as sleeping through the night and working out in the morning.

When you produce ketones, you:

  • Cut fat quickly
  • Lose abdominal fat specifically
  • Improve brain health and reduce risk from degenerative diseases (7).
  • Improve focus and clarity (8)

Ketones are a great tool the body uses to energize in the absence of carbohydrates. Medium-chain triglycerides are a perfect substrate for producing ketones. In addition, try exogenous ketones to increase bloodstream levels even quicker.

MCTs Can Help You Shred If You Choose the Right Type

The best form of MCTs is MCT Oil Powder.


MCT Oil Powder is specifically formulated to give your body the most usable MCTs. It is easy to consume every day, doesn’t cause digestive issues, and tastes great!

In fact, MCT Oil Powder contains three types of MCTs, and is a concentrated form of caprylic acid (C8). Caprylic acid is the most ketone-producing MCT, and possibly the most healthful of all. 

And, it only takes one scoop of Dr. Colbert’s MCT Oil Powder to get started. It is formulated with the highest amount of C8 available, and no junk ingredients. What’s more, you can try Dutch Chocolate, Coconut Cream, French Vanilla, and Pumpkin Spice flavors!

Serving for serving, it’s the best. You’d need to consume much more MCT oil to get this amount of C8, and ½ cup coconut oil for the same benefits.

Bottom Line

Yes, MCT Oil Powder can help you shred. Add it daily to drinks or foods, and feel the energy from the MCTs themselves, ketones, and fat loss.  Head over to for a full line-up of the best MCT Oil Powders available and take your shred to the next level today.

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