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If you’re not familiar with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), it’s time to learn how MCTs can help you shred. In structure, function, and metabolism, MCTs are different than other fats. In fact, they specifically energize cells and help you cut body fat.  How are they different? Medium-chain triglycerides have shorter carbon chains than other fats in the diet (1). This shorter chain allows them to be digested without bile. They are absorbed and metabolized quickly in the gut. Then, they are used for energy by the mitochondria of the cell, the energy powerhouses. What’s more, while increasing energy they have actually...

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Not all proteins are created equal. While all proteins from animal products contain every dietary-essential amino acids, some contain ones that are specifically beneficially to muscle, skin, and joint tissue. And some contain amino acids not readily found in other foods.  Hydrolyzed collagen boosts muscle building with its unique amino acids. What is Hydrolyzed Collagen?  Hydrolyzed collagen is a powder supplement made from connective tissues of animals including skin, ligaments, cartilage, and hooves. It is typically sourced from chicken, pork, beef and fish (1, 2). While this may not sound appetizing, it is an amazing source of nutrition for your own...

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