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The 5 Things to Get Your Best Summer Body

The 5 Things to Get Your Best Summer Body

1. Eat healthyÂ đŸ„—

You are what you eat is not just another cliche catch phrase you hear from time to time. The most important thing when it comes to your body is definitely what you put into it. If you’re out eating burgers and hot dogs, it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, you’re going to keep on those extra pounds. No amount of exercise can combat an unhealthy diet and that is why is why diet is considered 80% of your results while working out is 20%.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you want to consume vegetables, low-glycemic carbs and foods that are high in protein to help reduce weight gain.

Some recommendations are chicken, wild fish like wild Alaskan salmon, quinoa, and eggs with omega-3.

2. Create a routine 🔁

You need to commit to a workout routine to get your body in tip-top shape for the summer. One popular and effective workout plan suggests that you spend two days working out and then take one day off. After that, you should work out for another two days, then take another two days off for rest.

3. Exercise 🏃 

There are four key areas of your body that you want to work out. Dedicate each of the four days you work out to a specific part of your body. For each area of your body, you want to do four to five different exercises.

  • Area 1: Back

When you work out your back, you want to spend 45 minutes doing deadlifts for your core, bent over rows for your upper back, one-arm dumbbell rows for your trap muscles. With the other 15 minutes, split them into doing an upper and lower back routine, such as pull downs or hyperextensions. Workout gloves are helpful to prevent any slippage when using dumbbells and performing your dumbbell rows.

  • Area 2: Chest

To work out your chest, you want to spend your time bench pressing and doing dumbbell flies. When you spend your 45 minutes bench-pressing, you want to make sure you do it three separate ways: At an incline, flat and at a decline. This way, you can work out each section of your chest and abs. Finish this off by doing dumbbell flies for another 15 minutes because they work your upper body muscles. Another way to build a nice, solid chest is pushups as well but not just any pushups. Pushups bars have been proven to be more effective in performing pushups since the the pushup bars allow your range of motion to increase and your body to dip 30% lower than the standard pushup.

  • Area 3: Legs

There are four leg workouts you should do for the total of an hour. They are bodyweight squats for most the muscles in your legs, leg presses for your quads, front raises for your back glutes and leg curls for your calves.

  • Area 4: Shoulders

The five exercises you should do for your shoulders are: shoulder presses for your triceps and deltoids; front raises with dumbbells for your trapezius, biceps and rotator cuffs; rear deltoids for your deltoid muscles, front raises with dumbbells for your trapezius, biceps and rotator cuffs and shoulder shrugs with barbells for your trapezius.

  • Area 5: Abs

There are many exercises you could do to work out and train your abs but don't forget that abs are muscles too and need rest. Some good abs exercises are the generic crunches and sit-ups but to really chisel your abs, tools like ab rollers or core sliders are perfect to build and strengthen your core better than any situps or crunches.

4. Water 💩

Hydration becomes important in your workout routine. Without water, you will feel more tired, you won’t be able to think as clearly and you can lose motivation to keep up your workout routine. You should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to flush your body of the toxins that are building up throughout the day. Also, make sure to space out your drinking instead of drinking a large amount at once. Drinking water throughout the day will provide the best benefits with your not only building and toning your body but by losing body fat, having clearer skin, and becoming overall healthier. Mixing some fruit or specifically lemons inside your water to have better taste is also a great option. A Fruit Infuser Bottle is a convenient alternative to mixing your healthy fruit with your water.

5. Discipline and dedication 🔰

None of this will work unless you have the discipline and dedication to stick with it and be consistent. Consistency is key to achieving the results you want to achieve. Get up every day and just do it even if you are tired. Stay positive and optimistic and keep in mind of your goals to push yourself. When you do this and stay consistent, you will definitely see results. 

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