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Keto Zone Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder (Limeade Flavor)

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Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder is Designed to Put Your body in Ketosis, Instantly! 

The Keto Zone, otherwise known as nutritional ketosis, is the point at which your body is producing medium to moderate amounts of ketones. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, instead of the state of glycolysis in which blood glucose supplies most of the energy.

Essentially, ketosis is a metabolic state in which you're predominantly burning stored fat for fuel and converting fat into ketones to be used by the cells. The ketone bodies, acetone, acetoacetic acid, and beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB), are usually formed either when liver glycogen is low, or via metabolism of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). However, Keto Zone's Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder enables the body to enter the Keto Zone by supplying it with an exogenous ketone called betahydroxy buturate (BHB).

Do You Want to Know the Fastest and Easiest Way to Enter the Keto Zone?

Entering the Keto Zone means you are burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. The benefits include Fat burn, increased energy, and mental clarity. These benefits are due to the body’s production of ketones in the absence of sugar. Unfortunately, it can take anywhere from 48-72 hours for most people to make the transition into the Keto Zone by avoiding sugar. Often this period is plagued with symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, and nausea. These symptoms are known as the "keto flu." But how would you like to get the benefits of the Keto Zone without the unwanted side effects of the keto flu?


Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder

You can enter the Keto Zone in less than one hour with Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder! This is is a new kind of ketogenic supplement that supplies the body with exogenous (externally sourced) ketones, as opposed to the endogenous (internally sourced) ketones normally produced by the liver. These ketone salts provide the body with a ketone called Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) paired with mineral salt electrolytes of magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Burning fat in the Keto Zone increases the body’s utilization of minerals, this can lead to dehydration. Pairing BHB with electrolyte mineral salts helps to remineralize the body's depleted electrolyte stores. Now you can avoid the symptoms of the keto flu as you make the transition to becoming a fat-burning machine.


BHB salts can also be used after the adaptation phase to help the body get back in the Keto Zone after carbohydrate consumption. A strict ketogenic diet of less than 20 grams per day is still necessary to stay in the Keto Zone, but Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder can help you recover after the occasional slip-up! Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder provides quick and clean burning energy that can also enhance athletic performance for ketogenic athletes. Try one serving before a workout and you will feel strong, motivated, and energized for hours! Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder also acts as an appetite suppressant allowing you to tackle your day without thinking food.

Superior Taste

Most BHB ketones powder and supplements are hard to stomach. They usually taste something like jet fuel (and even that is being generous). But this is not true for instant BHB ketones powder. Divine Health has formulated the most delicious BHB ketones powder supplement on the market. Our decadent limeade flavor allows you to get all the benefits of BHB without making you gag for minutes on end. Instant BHB ketones powder mixes easily with water or your morning smoothie. With so many life-changing benefits, why would you not give it a try?

Athletic Performance

  • Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder offers an alternative fuel, especially beneficial for aerobic exercise
  • Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder is a higher octane, better quality fuel
  • Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder can stall protein breakdown (catabolism)
  • Improved fat oxidation equals enhanced metabolic rate


Appetite Control

  • Supports healthy blood sugar and satiety, along with craving control
  • Appetite control and a more efficient metabolism – you no longer need to snack every two hours

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