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Premium Ab Chiseler Vest

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Do you feel as if you are not getting the results you want fast enough? This is the product you need! This freshly made, spandex material is designed to stimulate your upper body muscles to tone, chisel, and create stronger definition.


  • VEST WITH ZIPPER: burn fat more than regular gym clothing helps posture for back and abs as you workout
  • MAKES YOU SWEAT: when you workout keeps your body warm during cold days with minimal thermal cover with this underwear ,This training vest can be worn under or over your regular shirts
  • BURNS FAT: produce heat in a workout wearing Weight Loss Vest burns fat and accelerating your quick weight loss
  • PRODUCES HIGHER COMPRESSION: resulting in more sweating and help your body to sweat out harmful fats. Enhances the abdominal and spinal support
  • CONVENIENT: when you're exercising, running errands or going out. You'll have a firmer posture, lower back support, and be sweating all day.


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