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Premium Adhesive Foot Pads

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Summer is right around the corner and the last thing you want is broken glass in piercing your feet. That is why we have the perfect solution for you! Our Premium Adhesive Foot Pads are designed to protect your feet from any debris while still being barefoot!
  • PROTECT: your feet from painful glass, debris, and sharp objects
  • NOTICE: Please make sure the feet are clean and dry without no wound before applying or they will fell off the feet very soon.
  • PROTECT: These are pretty cool if you want to be barefoot without dealing with really hot surfaces. Is easy on, and easy off.there sticky enough to stay on but does not hurt pulling off of feet.Protects your soles from hot pavement and rocks/glass/whatever but also lets you feel like still barefoot.
  • ABLE TO USE ON ANY SURFACE: This new module will Guarantee you protection of the feet in Hot weather, Cold surfaces,Waterproof, Heat resistant, Non-slip, you can using it when swimming, beach volleyball, spa, surfing, walking on grass, rocks, exercise and yoga.
  • ANTI-SLIP SILICON: The The Silicon Grip greatly protect you from debris and prevent slippage


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